AI Integrity begins here.

We weave together machine and human processes to establish new trust in AI.

Our AI Integrity Suite

Easy-to-use tools that help make your AI models transparent and collaborative.

Why do you need an AI integrity solution?

Data and code change frequently

Our powerful cryptographic methods allow anyone to validate snapshots of your model's lineage from ingestion to inference.

Compliance requires collaboration across all stakeholders.

Our programmable governance modules let you get ahead of audits with continuous compliance across your model's lifecycle.

AI platforms are complex and distributed.

Our multi-cloud integrations allow you to navigate across data sources, workbooks and enterprise systems.

Diagram of the AI Integrity Fabric

AI Integrity Fabric

The first end-to-end framework and toolkit that allows you to easily establish the authenticity and confidentiality for your responsible AI workflows.

Lineage Explorer graphic

Lineage Explorer

Get a unified and real-time view across your entire AI lifecycle. No matter where your data or model is deployed.

Governance Studio graphic

Governance Studio

Set binding policies to coordinate and integrate all human review at the edge, on any platform.

Attribution Ledger graphic

Attribution Ledger

Build robust AI products to enable participation and incentives to drive decentralized innovation.

The result

Self-Sovereign AI

Secure the evolution of your AI development to unleash its full promise.

EQTY Lab's AI Integrity Suite adds a new layer of trust to distributed AI workflows so you can quickly show anyone how your model is trained and let them jump in to add value.





Join the next generation of responsible AI

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